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Since 1976

Our retail shop has been on the same street in Halifax for over forty years. Our reputation is forged by our family run, customer service focused approach to providing the highest quality footwear and ensuring it fits.

  • 19 hours ago Pediwear is the best shop on line for english shoes. I am very disappointed about the closing down of seach à good company . Mr RICHARD - Verified Buyer

  • 2 days ago Easy to order. When the boots arrived they were a bit too small, ordered online as couldn't get to shop last week, took the boots back to shop and they couldn't be more helpful. Exchanged for a bigger size without any problems. While there got a pair of men's Barkers and went back for some ladies Trickers. Excellent shop, excellent shoes. Verified Buyer

  • 6 days ago Amazingly beautiful and fits perfectly. Will absolutely recommend! Verified Buyer

  • 1 week ago Perfect service. Verified Buyer

  • 1 week ago Brilliant shoes, as one would expect from Tricker. Only took a few days to soften up. Mr orvis - Verified Buyer

  • 1 week ago The very best in the business. These fine folks have kept my toes happy and my wallet loaded sorry to hear that my fav shoe shop wil gone soon. Mr Han - Verified Buyer

  • 1 week ago Excellent service, a good collection of quality shoewear. Never been disappointed. Mr Drenth - Verified Buyer

  • 1 week ago Great service and great boots, I love them. They take a little bit to ship, but other than that everything's fine. Mr Campos - Verified Buyer