Carlos Santos Handgrade 20th October 2021

Carlos Santos Handgrade

Handgrade footwear from Carlos Santos now available at Pediwear

Along with customers, we have admired the craftsmanship and quality materials used in the manufacture of Carlos Santos - whether it be as part of their Patina range:

or as part of our own Edward & James range:

Edward and James
Edward and James Norland

This winter, we have stepped things up at Pediwear with the addition of two handgrade styles.  Retailing at £330, these shoes still represent great value at this level of quality.

Having viewed the sumptuously rich soft brown calf, we couldn't help but order two styles in it.  These handcrafted styles are presented with channelled, coloured soles, and we can testify to the high quality of the craftsmanship in the stitching and finishing of the uppers.

The 9899 Oxford is manufactured on a stylish contemporary last shape (z445) which retains gradual contours rather than resorting to any harsh angles.  The uppers are without visible stitching, creating a pleasing, intriguing aesthetic whilst remaining formal. A feature new to us at Pediwear is the channelling of the welt stitches.  We can only imagine that producing this effect takes the highest levels of skill. The result is a uniquely clean appearance - quite a triumph in our view, particularly in this rich brown calf.

The double monk is made on the same appealing last shape (z445), with silver buckles and a double stitched toe cap. The welt features an attractive edge decoration and wonderful neat stitches.  Another triumph!  Particularly in this rich brown calf!

The bottom line on these two new styles is that they are fine examples of handgrade footwear in every aspect - and not least in the price of £330 including VAT.  We hope you will enjoy them.

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