How to be a Secret Agent 15th February 2022

How to be a Secret Agent

(or at least look like one)

There is no more iconic secret agent than James Bond - and in the past few years he has wisely chosen to wear similarly iconic footwear styles from Crockett & Jones and Sanders & Sanders.  A recent history of 007's footwear choices includes :

Sanders Hi-Top

Also incidentally the favourite footwear of the actor Steve McQueen both on and off screen in the 1960's and 1970's (never a British secret agent, but another cool dude). Worn by Daniel Craig in Spectre in the final action scenes.  A classic casual boot which never goes out of style.

Worn by Daniel Craig around London in Spectre - a classic toe cap Derby shoe made on the sleek and beautiful 348 last, with rubber soles ideal for the British weather.

The perfect accompaniment for Daniel Craig's evening suits in both Spectre and Skyfall.  An elegant, exquisite wholecut Oxford shoe ideal for formal occasions, again on the modern yet stylish 348 last.

Bond chooses this beautiful rubber-soled chukka boot in the black leather version for the Turkey and Shanghai action scenes in Skyfall.  The ideal footwear if you need to be prepared for action when confronting an enemy on the roof of a train ...

A beautiful brogue boot in a rich brown grained leather with rubber Dainite soles and storm welts for water resistance.  Bond chose this for the Scotland scenes in Skyfall - practical, yet the height of style.

A smart and sophisticated plain-fronted three eyelet Derby shoe, worn by Daniel Craig both in Skyfall and No Time To Die. Refined and stylish and ideal for wear around London, particularly government offices in Whitehall.  Again made on Bond's favourite last, the slim and elegant 348.

Used by Bond in Norwegian forests in No Time To Die.  A three eyelet chukka boot with Dainte rubber soles, made in rough-out suede with a dense, waxed surface which is more than up to the tough workout that Bond gives it. 

Footwear for most circumstances that a secret agent would encounter, with a refinement and 'je ne sais quoi' which draws admiring glances.  To complete the look, just add :

Daniel Craig's choice in Skyfall, made of hairsheep leather which is favoured for its natural strength and elasticity.  Durable and supple enough for any would-be agent.

As for self defence training, futuristic gadgets, a winning way with the ladies and a licence to kill - sorry, we can't help.

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