Barker Style Hits for Summer 2015 9th May 2015

Barker Style Hits for Summer 2015

New versions of the Barker McClean and the Barker Grant are amongst Stephen's picks from another great season at Barker Shoes.

It must have been a busy 2014 in the Barker design room, head scratching, drawings made and thoughts put into action. We don’t know how they keep doing it but yet again a plethora of fantastic new styles have hit the shelves. Drama, sophistication, class and flamboyance abound in this season’s new offerings and here are a few of our favourites:

The Barker Truman

A complete new style from Barker made using their ever reliable and comfortable 463 last.  This Oxford epitomises what can be done with a shoe and that a classic style can be made as modern as you like. Featuring unique punching and a take on the wing tip design you can’t fail to capture admiring glances. 

The Barker McClean

Lovers of Barker shoes will be familiar with this style and how stocks vanished in 2014 due to the immense popularity of this two-tone Cedar calf and Blue suede Oxford. Whilst Barker has released the McClean this season with other coloured suede, our favourite here at Pediwear has to be the Paisley etch. Rather than having coloured suede interwoven Barker have skilfully laser etched a delightful paisley pattern into sections of the leather resulting in a subtle yet remarkably striking shoe.

The Barker Warminster

This new addition to Barkers Handcrafted collection proves that traditional designs don’t have to be dull, with an ingenious twist, new life and excitement can be injected into stalwart classics. This traditional Oxford toe cap has been given a simple threaded design following the seam lines of the leather panelling which; plainly put, elevates this sublimely crafted shoe above and beyond.

The Barker Grant

Who doesn’t know about the Grant and where would we be without it? The Grant is a staple Barker shoe but every season the design team at Earls Barton HQ give us a new variation and they have raised their game this Spring/Summer. This semi brogue wingtip Oxford has been given vivid block panelling of 3 differing Blue suede which will really draw the eye. Pair with your casual summer wardrobe or suit up with a day at the races, never before has such a flamboyant shoe had as much versatility. 



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