Golden Boots at Pediwear 30th October 2018

Golden Boots at Pediwear

The FIFA 2018 World Cup - a tournament of surprises, England reached the Semi-Finals and won the Golden Boot! Alex highlights 3 of our 'golden boot' categories...

Chukka Boot

The Chukka originates from custom boots that were made for British units in North Africa during World War Two. These particular varieties were unlined and had a crepe sole - and are commonly known as Desert Boots. The term Chukka also suggests a background in polo (it refers to a period of play in polo). One thing about the chukka boot is certain; it has aged well and continues to impress due to the casual but still relatively formal style. 

The Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot was originally patronised by Queen Victoria, but it did not enter popular culture until the 1960s, with its association with Swinging London, the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Arguably this could be due to Chelsea’s unique features of combining comfort and style. 

Edward and James
Edward and James Pembroke

Country Brogue

Country Brogue boots draw from similar origins to the Chelsea as it was also originally patronised by the Victorian royal family. Prince Albert favoured a pair of brogue boots for walking through the wilds of Scotland. Country brogue boots have remained a firm favourite with country footwear advocates.

Edward and James
Edward and James Lewis

All three of these iconic styles have found favour with customers and shoemakers alike over several generations. These styles are not exactly the same as the Adidas Golden boot, but they certainly have earned a place amongst the shoe buyer's perennial favourites.

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