Exclusive Trickers 10th December 2012

Exclusive Trickers

Trickers Fixby, Bowood and Stow Commando in Burgundy & Espresso

This winter we are bringing you two new exclusive styles from Trickers - the Fixby and Bowood, along with our commando sole versions of the Trickers Stow Commando Burgundy and Espresso.


Trickers FixbyTrickers Fixby DainiteThe Fixby brings Trickers classic acorn antique calf leather to a chukka boot with brogue styling.  For added winter practicality we have ordered a Dainite sole version too.

Trickers BowoodThe Bowood is a country style derby brogue with contrasting smooth and grain leather, again with the security of a rubber Dainite studded sole.

Trickers Stow Espresso Commando

Trickers Stiow Burguny CommandoAnd finally - the perennial Trickers favourite the Stow has been prepared in both Burgundy and Espresso calf options with a commando sole.

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