Grenson Shoes Summer 2013 1st July 2013

Grenson Shoes Summer 2013

Stephen our Grenson brand manager discusses the latest styles from Grenson G2 range.

When we think about buying a pair of shoes what we want is something of quality, that will last and of course look amazing.

To me Grenson embodies all 3 factors with ease. Continuously at the fore front of fashion with cutting edge designs and ideology yet with the vast experience of a reputable hand made shoe manufacturer. This gives you all the assurances you need that the shoes you get are of high quality and will endure, giving you years of pleasure. All their shoes are Goodyear welted meaning that should you ever wear out the soles (a monumental task), they can be easily replaced and your beloved footwear, nicely moulded to your feet, will last even longer!

Here are some of my favourites from their core range and new for 2013 that will always make that impact of striking excellence as soon as you hit the streets, wherever you are.

Grenson ArchieGrenson Archie: Any time Grenson is mentioned this is the first shoe that comes to mind, it remains the most iconic shoe in their glowing history and is plain to see why. Made in a classic derby full brogue style yet stamped with exaggerated features including oversized punch holes and huge triple soles. Sold in their thousands across the globe, the popularity of this hip shoe will never wane.

(Also see their XL and Commando sole variations!)

Grenson HarryGrenson Harry: This new style has a great affinity with me, lightweight in fresh grey suede it’s absolutely perfect for my favourite season; Summer. In essence the shoe is a simple moccasin style but coupled with the leather trim and hardwearing Vibram commando sole unit, it most certainly sets itself apart and stands out in the crowd. Grenson really flexed their creative muscles when they produced this fashion gem.

Grenson RyanGrenson Ryan: This model has literally just been released and is lauded to be a must have for the coming season. The design aficionado’s at Grenson have started with the base idea of a derby boot, tweaked it with a smattering of military design and swathed it urban cool. Plain calf leather, Goodyear welted double leather soles with a double stitched toe cap finished and a pair of metal tie hooks give the end result of a boot that is effortlessly chic and contemporary!

Grenson DylanGrenson Dylan: Grenson set the bar when it comes to mixing traditional values with modern thinking, the Dylan epitomises this by taking a classic wing tip oxford brogue and placing it on a longer more sleek last than say that of the Stanley. Coming in a variety of colours and finishes set on Grensons Goodyear welted leather soles you will be sure to find the right one to fit your particular look. Elegance, style and grace, a real crowd pleaser.

Grenson OscarGrenson Oscar: The Oscar has long been a staple for those of us who like the more casual approach, welted crepe soles topped with fine suede uppers which are very in this season. Understated, incredibly comfortable and ultra trendy you won’t miss a beat with this admirable chukka boot.

I have to give a special nod to the multi coloured Oscar new for 2013, combining blue, purple and grey suede, this funky number sure catches the eye.


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