Grenson Triple Welt and Factory Visit 8th October 2015

Grenson Triple Welt and Factory Visit

Stephen and Mike saw triple welt footwear made when we visited the Grenson factory earlier this year.

For the last two seasons Stephen and I have visited the Grenson factory in Northamptonshire to view the new ranges and order our stock.  Never ones to turn down a chance at a tour of a Goodyear welted factory we arranged one to coincide with our visit earlier this year.  Those of you who posses a pair of G one collection shoes will be well aware of the quality of materials and workmanship involved in creating these wonderful shoes and boots.  For those who have not yet been tempted, we hope something from our range of triple welts might tempt you this winter. In the meantime please allow us to tell you share with you a few details of our factory tour.

One of the first things I noticed was the lines of old worn shoes which were waited to be revamped at the factory - this included G two collection stalwarts the Archie and Fred as well as the more exotic Triple welts. With a Grenson factory revamp, in addition to a new sole and lining, the welt is replaced. My old pair of Archie's date back to 2010 - so as you might imagine the welt is much darker than the original natural colour.  The sole is also nearly worn completely through and the leather lining has holes in it from wear. They are more in need of a revamp then many of the pairs we saw at the factory, and the thought that this would be accompanied by a new natural welt means that I am definitely going to have my pair renovated by the factory - I will post before and after photographs.

Grenson Archie from 2010

Grenson Archie, shortly after purchase in 2010

Grenson Archie from 2010

Grenson Archie 2015

Grenson Archie from 2010

Grenson Archie Soles 2015


Of course, the rest of the factory tour consisted of very familiar looking machinery - operated by a skilled and enthusiastic team. We met the genius who came up with the idea of the triple welt. He wasn't very forthcoming when I asked him how he came up with the idea (no doubt he is sworn to secrecy) but he was very willing to show us a triple welt shoe being stitched to it's sole:

Grenson Factory Triple Welt Being Made

Stitching the triple welt to the sole at the Grenson factory in Northamptonshire.

There is only one welt, as many of you will know, but it is the layered appearance of the triple welt which gives it its name - there appears to be three layers of material involved at first glance.

We have just received a delivery of the Grenson Curt dark brown grain triple welt - which we think is a great addition to our existing styles. It is currently being photographed and will be available on the website by Monday next week.

We are very grateful to Sarah and the team who patiently showed us round the factory.

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