Hiking Style at Pediwear 2nd November 2017

Hiking Style at Pediwear

Hiking style is very much in favour this season. Pediwear discuss the trend illustrated with fine examples from our range.

If you have cast your eye over any fashion magazines or features recently or visited some of the more swanky quarters of your local metropolis, you cannot have helped to notice the preponderance for the hiking boot style.

At Pediwear, we embrace this fashion nuance - having long been fans of outdoor activity and the equipment which ensures performance, style and dry feet.  Both Ecco and Mephisto produce highly proficient and well proven walking footwear which has been popular with our customers for many years.

The Mephisto Rainbow and Cruiser have both seen a surge in popularity in the wake of the current interest. 

Perhaps the most exciting and additions to our range are from our more traditional manufacturers.

The Cheaney Ingleborough is manufactured from Horween Chromexcel leather and features a full leather lining and insole. Chrome tanned leathers are valued for their soft, supple, and durable properties.  Horween re-tan Chrome tanned leather using vegetable tanning which imparts the fuller feeling of the Chromexcel leather,  and ensures it will shape well when lasted.  The resulting boot is a wonder to behold. Classic traditional hiking profile which will cut it amongst the fashionista today, and will provide a functional walking boot for many years. Don't miss the wonderful Britgrip sole.

Heschung have a long and celebrated heritage associated with performance outdoor footwear; they were the official suppliers of the French ski team, and have many years of experience with Norwegian and reverse welt manufacturing. The Richmond Boot features Beluga leather - providing water resistant and supple characteristics - the grain makes them less susceptible to minor scuffs.  The Vibram® soles are lightweight but very durable.

Of course, it is not just the gentlemen who have been tempted by the hiking genre.  Styles you might see the ladies wearing range from the highly technical and capable Ecco technical boot, as featured on our sister website shoesinternational.co.uk:
Ecco Ladies Hiking Boot

or the more avant-garde styles featured in this Vogue article :

Vogue Blog

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