Jeffrey West at Pediwear 18th May 2015

Jeffrey West at Pediwear

Pediwear are proud to announce that Jeffery West are now a new and esteemed addition to our range, with stunning designs available online now.

Our mission here has always been to provide reputable, finely crafted footwear steeped in tradition to our growing and loyal customer base and we feel that this is enhanced with the inclusion of Jeffery West.

Originating in the shoe capital of England, Northampton, Jeffery West was the brain child of Mark Jeffery and Guy West at the tender age of 16. Showing great imagination these two entrepreneurs heavily influenced by the shoe crafting industry around them soon found themselves moving up quickly. From reworking and customising rejected or end of line footwear from other factories to establishing themselves firmly in the fashion industry with their own unique brand unlike anything else.

Taking inspiration from pop culture, literature, regency dandies, icons of stage and screen with smatterings of the Gothic, Jeffery West are certainly not afraid to be different, each style abounds with decadent flair and their trademark diamond punch hole is instantly recognisable.

Jeffrey West styles available at Pediwear

Jeffery West the idiosyncratic rogues are on their way, but the question is… are you ready for them!?

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