Mephisto Sandals 25th June 2016

Mephisto Sandals

Summer has arrived, and it's time to choose your sandals wisely.  Mephisto provides quality and comfort.

Summer is here, and it's time to let some air get to your feet. A good way to embrace the summer season is with Mephisto sandals. Customers who have purchased this brand before will know how comfortable and sturdy Mephisto footwear is, and indeed I can vouch for this myself having worn my current pair of shoes most days a week for almost 2 years. 

Mephisto Sam

Mephisto sandals have anatomically moulded cork footbeds to cushion the foot and give support where needed, resulting in a very comfortable fit. The uppers are made from quality leather or nubuck. The result is a sandal which not only looks good but is made from high quality components and will support and protect your feet. Favourites are the Sam fisherman sandal with four shock absorbing points built into the moulded rubber sole, the Shark Fit with shock absobing heels and which is available in a size range from EU 37 to 48, and the Niels which is a classic toe-post sandal and the men's equivalent of the Helen style which is by far Mephisto's biggest selling sandal for women.

All Mephisto sandals are made in a medium width fitting. However three styles from the Mobils range (Valden, Jack and James) have removable footbeds to allow for the wider foot or for gentlemen who need to use orthotics. The Mobils range all have soft padding throughout on the inside of the uppers, adding even more to the comfort factor.

It's the summer holiday season - why not ensure that you are walking along the hot sands or up the hills and crags with footwear that is robust, supports your foot and absorbs the shock of the constant pounding of the heels and gives you a feeling of comfort and security at the same time. Holidays are for feeling good, and that includes your feet!

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