Shipping costs for Accessory Items

Shipping for Luggage and Hats is free in the UK. See Europe and World Wide shipping information for further details

All products are now coded into one of 5 shipping categories or codes. Please see the individual product page to see which shipping category a product is in.


Luggage items are currently treated as one pair of shoes when calculating shipping - ie they are in shipping category A.


Tilley Hats are charged at the same rate as shoe trees - shipping category B.

Small Items

You may order upto 6 items in each of the shipping categories Di and Dii (shoe cleaning items, ties, cufflinks, socks, wallets etc) per pair of shoes in your shopping basket without incurring shipping charges.

However, these items will incur shipping charges if ordered without a pair of shoes according to the table below.

Shipping Code Di
 Region  Price per Item
UK £ 2.50
EU £ 3.10
Worldwide £ 4.95
Europe (Non EU) £ 3.10
Shipping Code Dii
 Region  Price per Item
UK £ 1.25
EU £ 2.45
World Wide £ 4.35
Europe (Non EU) £ 2.45