Delivery Monitoring Service

Free Service with Every Delivery

The vast majority of our deliveries are delivered on time.  Whenever delays occur we will always investigate to determine whether or not a change of courier or service will improve matters.  

On the rare occasion that there are delays, we aim to detect this before it becomes a problem. 

DHL Lorrry and Landscape

Customer Focused

With this in mind, we have developed our own in house delivery monitoring system which uses the tracking information supplied by our couriers. If orders take longer than we expect them to, we will automatically contact both the customer and our courier to seek further information.    We aim to ensure that customers at all times know:

  1. What has caused the delay
  2. What our intended course of action is
  3. When to expect their delivery

If, as a customer experiencing a delay, you consider that we have not met these expectations, we would ask that you email quoting ‘Delivery Monitoring’ and explain where we have fallen short. We will endeavour to remedy the situation as soon as possible.