Loake Autumn Winter 2016 - 2017 12th November 2016

Loake Autumn Winter 2016 - 2017

Stephen takes us through some of the highlights from Loake's range for winter 2016 - 2017

As the nights draw in and the temperature plummets our thoughts turn to footwear that are not only beautiful but also practical for the time of year.

As always Loake provide us with the answers we seek with their new Autumn and Winter selections.

Anglesey: Made on Loakes most popular last; the Capital, this boot features richly coloured grain leather, an apron front design and speedhooks. The boot also sports a stormwelt and they have favoured their “victory v” rubber sole which provides more traction than a Dainite but still has a more elegant feel than a robust Commando sole.


Chatsworth: Some of you may already be familiar with this stunning Chelsea boot as it has been part of the Shoemaker collection for years, however this updated version has been moved to the 1880 range and as such you can expect 1880 range quality. Loake have also listened to the public and have replaced the leather sole an authentic Goodyear welted Dainite sole, perfect for foot insulation and water protection.


Naseby: For lovers of the leather sole, Loake introduce Naseby. This handsome brogue boot has grain calf leather uppers and it’s enticing hue perfectly contrasts with the natural coloured split Goodyear welt and sole edges. The sole is also double thickness which helps give the boot further longevity.

Bosworth: This boot is made on the Claridge last which is fast becoming a fan favourite due to the sleek aesthetic it offers. This works amazingly well with the traditional brogue design and two tone leather work, which provides a modern twist on a classic look. This boot also features speedhooks, a stormwelt and a genuine Goodyear welted rubber dainite sole.

For those of us who prefer a shoe don’t forget that Loake now make their classic Chester brogue with a dainite sole and is available in several colour variations, also keep a look out for Pediwear’s own specially commissioned Loake styles such as the Aldwych with their Dainite sole unit and my personal favourite the Cannon in a gorgeous shade of Burgundy. Remember Pediwear MTO’S are exclusive to us and not available anywhere else.


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