Trickers lasts 2nd May 2015

Trickers lasts

A look at popular Trickers styles and the lasts on which they are made

Trickers footwear has a justifiably high reputation for quality, the company having received a royal warrant from the Prince of Wales. In particular their Country boots and shoes are well-known throughout the world for quality and longevity. We give below a selection of Trickers styles, as well as notes on the fitting of the particular lasts on which they are made. Most Trickers shoes are made in the 5 fitting which is an average width and approximately equates to an F fitting in other brands such as Loake or Barker.

The Stow is by far the most popular of the Trickers boots. Now available also in all four colours with rubber Dainite soles. Made on the 4497s last which is generally true to British size scale but fits just slightly generously to allow for a thicker sock.


The Bourton is the quintessential Derby Brogue country shoe. Also now available with either double leather or Dainite rubber soles in all three colours. Made on last 4444 which is generous and fits about a half size large. For instance if you normally take a UK size 8 we and Trickers would recommend the UK size 7.5.

The Henley is a classic toe-cap Oxford shoe, a business-like style suitable for the city or for formal occasions. Made on the 6038L last this is true to British size scale and is generally a very good fit. This style is available in both 5 (average) and 6 (wide) width fittings.

The Chepstow is an elegant and timeless jodhpur boot. Made on the 2161 last, this is true to British size scale though it can feel shallow over the vamp area (the upper front part of the foot).


The Robert is a beautiful plain Derby shoe enhanced with a natural coloured welt. Made on the W2298 last, this is true to British size scale and is generally a very good fit.


The Piccadilly is an elegant Oxford brogue, made on the 4537 last as are all of the 1829 collection styles. This last is true to British size scale and is generally a very good fit, giving perhaps just a fraction more room in the toe box than the Loake Capital last.

Other lasts :

Last number 2004, on a regular UK foot these come up ½ a size small. If you normally take a size 8 we would recommend a size 8 ½, unless you have a very slim and narrow foot.

Last number 5402R - usually used for the Monkey boots and shoes, this last is not the most generous and we would tend to recommend taking a half size larger than normal.



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